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Creative Sydney Wedding Photography

Capturing moments that look like they feel.....


So you’re getting married?  First off, a big virtual congratulatory hug from me.  Marrying the one you love is truly a leap of commitment and adventure. 

Why do I love weddings so much?  It’s simple!  I love to meet new people and hear all about their stories.  I just have a real passion for capturing faces in all sorts of different places!  Weddings allow me to do that and then some. 

My job is to watch, feel and observe your day, and intuit the meaningful into tangible photos!  I’ll be there searching for the emotions and in-between moments, and capture life as it happens.  The kind of moments that are full of energy.  Where you are crying with laughter, being silly, or just so in love!  It’s these stories that I like to tell.  I’m all about creating the experience where situations happen naturally! 

You might see me providing a bit of art direction.  I'll always plan to set you up in pretty locations with nice backgrounds and killer light, where you do the rest – and that’s just be yourselves.  Once that happens, magic happens.

Your wedding is your special day, not my photo shoot where I try to make you smile.  Maybe you want to dance in the rain, run along the beach, carry your loved one on your shoulders, or just walk through nature.  We can adventure together.  I’ll document the moments that look like they feel, you can look back upon them like it was yesterday.

I like to get to know my clients and find out what they actually want.  Let us connect, and we will plan your day together.  I want things to be more like ‘connect and shoot’, rather than ‘point and shoot’.  I won’t be a stranger in the process, but rather work alongside you, so you can relax and just be yourselves!  

I find that no two Sydney weddings are the same, so I do not offer normal packages.  I cater to weddings of all different sizes, ranging from a few hours to all day!  These can be backyard weddings, micro weddings, elopements with a few of your friends (or none at all), to larger city and country weddings.  Everyone has their own story.  What’s your adventure?

At the end of the day, a love celebration between you, your loved one and your closest friends and family is what it’s all about.  It’s what I live to capture, and it doesn’t get more special than that!  Have a look around, and if you resonate with my photos, this fun and creative Sydney wedding photographer would love to hear from you.

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Loft 11,6 Thames St, Balmain NSW 2041  |  Tel: 0481 327 570

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