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Jasmine + Norbert || Yellow Rock Wedding, Sydney, NSW. (Wedding Photographers in Sydney)

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Sydney wedding photographers - Daniel Kukec Photography.

Jasmine and Norbert's Sydney wedding was a beautiful country affair, located on a private rural property at Yellow Rock, NSW. They invited me to come and document their wedding in such a visually stunning place, nestled amongst the forest and mountains of the South Coast. It was a one stop shop location with all the day's formalities happening in the one place, and all within a few steps walking distance.

The day was so full of love and personal touches. The happy couple put so much thought and planning into their special day, and this was a testament to how much it meant to them both. I find it such a privilege to be invited in and bear witness to a couples love story. Wedding photography in Sydney doesn't get better than this.

From the fun groom and bridal preparation photos, to the outdoor wedding, stunning location shoot and marquee reception, this truely was a dream wedding. There's something about country weddings. Maybe it's the fresh air, or lack of light pollution that make the stars shimmer a different kind of special. On ground level, the marquee did it's own shimmering in the inky blackness of the night.

After all the sweet words of the evening speeches and traditional formalities, we ended the night with one hell of a party! I want to do it all again…

A big congratulations to the awesome couple Jasmine & Norbert.


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